Welcome to Somos Texas A&M:

Digital Stories from First-Generation

Hispanic/Latinx Students

Howdy, and welcome to Somos Texas A&M, a collection of digital narratives created by faculty and students at Texas A&M. Back in Fall of 2019, we asked a group of 24 Hispanic/Latinx students and faculty what it was like to be an Aggie. This website presents a multimedia collection of their answers, and in so doing, it paints a picture of those Aggies’ lives, how they have kept connected with their loved ones at home, made new friends on campus, dealt with new challenges, and turned into the people they were meant to be. Each story offers a unique perspective, but taken together they highlight the resilience, optimism, and emotional strength that sustains Hispanic/Latinx Aggies in the face of daunting obstacles. 


We invite you to explore this site, where you will hear about their experiences in their own words. You may choose to listen to what they have to say about specific topics (e.g., What was your first day on campus like?). If you are an instructor, high school advisor, parent, or community leader, these stories may help you discuss college with the young people in your life. If you are a former student, and you would like to participate in the project in the future by sharing your own story, drop us a line. We would love to hear from you. If you are curious about who we are, visit the Team section. 


This project would not have been possible without the financial support of the College of Liberal Arts, through a generous ACT Grant (2019-2020), which we gratefully acknowledge. Of course, our biggest debt is with the many participants in this project, who shared a little bit of themselves with us, and now, with everyone in the Aggie community and beyond.

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